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With Spantrix’s Affiliate marketing, we provide interested individuals with the opportunity to market our services and earn alongside. You do not need a capital to start. We pay you from the profit made on each service.

20% Commission

Affiliates are entitled to receive 20% commission on every purchase his/her referral makes.

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Low Minimum Payout

You don't have to wait too long to cash out. You get paid when you have up to ₦2,000($5)

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Bonus Deposit

You get a bonus deposit of ₦500 on sign up, helping you to reach your first withdrawal quicker

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Recurring Commissions

You continue to get paid for life! As long as your referred client renews his/service with us

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How it works

When you sign up as an affiliate, a unique code is automatically generated for you to use for your publicity eg: When a visitor clicks this link they will be taken to our website and a cookie is saved on their computer. If the visitor then places an order for a product/service with the cookie present (it lasts for 3 Months) you will earn a commission.

Frequently Aksed Questions

What is the minimum withdrawal ammount?

The minimum withdrawal amount is ₦2000 ($5). You must have upto this amount in your commission balance before you can request payout

What if my referred client does not make payment immediately

When your referred visitor visits ou site for the first time, a cookie is saved on their pc/phone. Whenever they place an order with the cookie present, you'll get your commission. The cookie is kept for upto 3 months.

How do I promote Spantrix?

You will be provided with all the resources you need as an affiliate. From promotional images to trainings/workshops on how you can excel as an affiliate

How many people do I need to refer before I get paid?

Your payout is independent of the total number of people referred. You get paid so long as you have upto a minimum of ₦2000 ($5) in your commission balance

How do I reguest payout?

You can request payout from the clientarea of our website

Do I have to purchase a service or product to become an affiliate?

NO! you don't need to buy a service or product from us to qualify as an affiliate

What is the commission percentage?

The commission percentage is 20% on all our product.

You can also apply as our Brand Ambassador

We are in search for people who are genuinely passionate about spreading the word about our brand. We accept people from all around the world

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