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Domain New Price Transfer Renewal Order
.com ₦20,000/yr ₦20,000/yr ₦20,000/yr
.net ₦24,000/yr ₦24,000/yr ₦24,000/yr
.org ₦21,500/yr ₦21,500/yr ₦21,500/yr
.biz ₦13,500/yr ₦30,700/yr ₦30,700/yr
.info ₦19,000/yr ₦43,600/yr ₦43,600/yr ₦2,500/yr ₦2,500/yr ₦2,300/yr ₦2,500/yr ₦2,500/yr ₦2,300/yr ₦2,500/yr ₦2,500/yr ₦2,600/yr ₦2,500/yr ₦2,500/yr ₦2,600/yr ₦2,500/yr ₦2,500/yr ₦2,600/yr ₦2,500/yr ₦2,500/yr ₦2,600/yr ₦12,000/yr ₦12,000/yr ₦12,000/yr ₦4,000/yr ₦4,000/yr ₦4,000/yr
.ng ₦9,500/yr ₦9,500/yr ₦9,500/yr
.xyz ₦10,000/yr ₦23,000/yr ₦23,000/yr

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When you purchase a domain name from us, we guarantee you will get unrivalled levels of support sandwiched with loads of freebies.


Free DNS Hosting

All domain registrations include our DNS Hosting services for free. Manage your DNS Records (A, CNAME, MX, etc) with ease

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Free Email Forwarding

Email Forwarding enables you to create customized email addresses and forward messages sent to it to other email addresses.

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Unified Control Panel

Designed with simplicity in mind, our control panel allows you to manage all your domains and hosting from one interface.

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Domain Locking

Domain Locking is a feature that helps you to prevent domain hijacking, theft, or other fraudulent transfers of your domain name.

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We are almost always close-by. You're welcome to reach out if you run into any issue. We guarantee you will get unrivalled levels of support. You can also browse our robust Knowledge Base for solutions to common web hosting issues.

Don't forget also that the rest of the time you have left with your current registrar gets carried over. Your registration will also be extended by one year as part of the transfer.

Frequently Aksed Questions (FAQs)

What requirement do I have to meet to transfer my domain name?

Not much. Your domain must be registered for a minimum of 60 days. It must also be unlocked with your current registrar. In addition, ensure ID protection is not enabled on your domain

What is EPP code and how do I get it?

An EPP code is an authorization key which provides an extra level of security for unauthorized transfer of your domain name. This code is needed when you want to transfer a domain from one registrar to another.
You’ll need to contact your current registrar to get your EPP code

Will I lose the time I have left with my current registrar if I transfer my domain?

No, you won’t. The rest of the time you have left with your current registrar gets carried over. Your registration will also be extended by one year as part of the transfer.

How long will it take to transfer my domain?

The domain transfer process can take 30 minutes to 14 days to be completed. The actual duration depends on the TLDs and how long it takes your current registrar to accept the transfer.

Will I experience any downtime during the transfer process?

No, be rest assured that you will not experience any downtime throughout the whole transfer process as long as your domain name has not expired.

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