SiteLock adds an extra layer of security to your website

SiteLock's automated daily scanning isolates malignant code and vulnerabilities and auto-removes them from your website

Starting at ₦20,000/Year



1-time scanning for malware. Ideal for sites with no security threats.


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Daily malware scanning and automatic removal of detected malware.


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Daily scanning, automatic fix and prevention of all kinds of malware attacks


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Cleans up hacked websites and auto-removes all malicious codes.


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Blacklist Monitoring Yes Yes Yes N/A
Network Scan (Port Scan) Yes Yes Yes N/A
Verifiable Trust Seal Yes Yes Yes N/A
SiteLock Risk Assessment Yes Yes Yes N/A
Spam Verification Yes Yes Yes N/A
Platform Scan (WordPress) Yes Yes Yes N/A
Pages Scanned 25 500 500 Unlimited
Daily Malware Scan Yes Yes Yes N/A
SQL Injection Scan One time Daily Daily N/A
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Scan One time Daily Daily N/A
Website Application Scan One time Daily Daily N/A
Automatic Malware Removal No Yes Yes One Time
Daily FTP Scanning No Yes Yes N/A
File Change Monitoring No Yes Yes N/A
Web Application Firewall No No Yes N/A
Bad Bot Blocking No No Yes N/A
SSL Support No No Yes N/A
SQL Injection Prevention No No Yes N/A
Cross Site Scripting Prevention No No Yes N/A
Light DDoS Protection No No Yes N/A
Pricing ₦14,000/yr ₦35,000/yr ₦110,000/yr N/A
Billing Cycle Annually Annually Annually N/A

Why should you Secure your website with SiteLock?

Secure your site now and keep the bad guys (hackers) out. Boost SEO and gain your customer's trust with SiteLock Trust Seal.

Malware Monitoring

All backed up files are automatically scanned for malware and malicious content which are removed automatically

Boost Customer Trust

Displaying the SiteLock trust seal on your site can boost your customer confidence and increase conversions by up to 15%

Rank high on Google

SiteLock’s daily malware auto-scanning and removal boost SEO by preventing search engines from blacklisting your website

Backup your site with CodeGuard

CodeGuard takes automated daily backups of your website, scans your site for malware, and with a one-click restore process, can easily roll back your site to its previous state in case of any emergency cases which ranges from hackers activities to crashed servers or errors due to your own code.

Frequently Aksed Questions

Tell me more about SiteLock

SiteLock provides swift, easy and cheap cybersecurity services to websites of all sizes ranging from basic blogs to full-stack web applications. It offers automated website malware detection and vulnerability scanning, website risk assessment and DDoS protection

How does SiteLock work?

Everything begins with SiteLock's Deep 360-Degree Scan: an intensive scan that will locate malicious code and site vulnerabilities; fixing and proferring solutions to detected issues. It prevents your site from being blacklisted by Google and other search engines.

SiteLock also ensures your emails are not marked as spam, so it will land in your clients' inboxes and not in their spam folders.

What is the SiteLock Security Trust Seal?

The SiteLock Security Seal is a universally recognised emblem of assurance that you can display on your site to show that you have taken necessary steps to secure your website and protect your site visitors.

The SiteLock Security Seal has been proven to boost customers confidence and increase conversions by up to 15%.

How would I add SiteLock Trust Seal to my site?

To install the SiteLock seal on your site, a bit of Javascript code must be added to the footer of your website. You will find an instructional guide on how to install it here.

Would I be able to upgrade my plan in the future?

Yes. You can without any stress upgrade your plans anytime.

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Gain the trust and confidence of your visitors by using an SSL Certificate to secure and protect data sent to and received from your site.

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