Backup your site with CodeGuard - the website time machine

CodeGuard scans your site for malware and takes automated daily backups of your website allowing you to restore it in one-click if disaster strikes.

Starting at ₦15,000/Year



1 GB Storage
Up to 5 Websites
No On-Demand Backups
5 Days Frequency


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5 GB Storage
Up to 10 Websites
On-Demand Backups
Daily Frequency


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10 GB Storage
Up to 25 Websites
On-Demand Backups
Daily Frequency


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25 GB Storage
Up to 100 Websites
On-Demand Backups
Daily Frequency


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Automatic Daily Backups

You can breathe easy knowing that each document, file and database in your site can easily be restored if disaster strikes.

Malware Monitoring

All backed up files are automatically scanned for malware and malicious content which are removed automatically

Email Backup

Your emails are also backed up as part of your site files and can be restored in one click. You will never lose an email again

Automatic WordPress Updates

Your plugins are updated automatically - so you don't need to! What's more, update it is rolled back if is not compatible.

Unlimited Files & Databases

There is no limit to the number of databases, files and directories that can be automatically backed up. Think no limit!

Monitoring of File Changes

CodeGuard frequently monitors your site files for modifications such as file or directory deletions & creation of new files

Add an extra layer of security to your site with SiteLock

SiteLock is one of the most reliable internet's cybersecurity tools. It’s automated daily scanning isolates malignant code and vulnerabilities and auto-removes them from your website. SiteLock can easily clean up hacked websites and prevent malware injections.

The whole process is automated and the daily task happens in the background without you having to do anything. You get notified when issues are detected and advised on the next action to take.

Frequently Aksed Questions

Are there limitations to the total number of files that can be backed up?

No there are no limits to the actual number of files that can be backed up. However, storage space is limited depending on the allocated quota of the selected plan.

How does CodeGuard backup work?

CodeGuard initially carries out a full backup of all files and folder on your website after which it subsequently uses an incremental backup process to only store new and modified files. This backup process significantly optimizes storage space.

How do I restore backups?

You can either use CodeGuard one-click automatic restore or manually download the zipped backup file to restore yourself.

Where does CodeGuard store my backups?

Backups are stored in the cloud; away from your hosting server using Amazon Web Services Simple Storage System (S3. S3). It is a special storage mechanism that uses redundancy technology to keep copies of data across multiple geographical locations and facilities.

Are my backups safe?

An affirmative yes! With Server Side Encryption which makes use of one of the most powerful block cyphers available (AES-256), you can be sure your backups are safe and secure.

Does CodeGuard support database backup?

Absolutely! MySQL and MSSQL database backups are both supported.

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